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December 2004

18Some updates to Music biz notes and link checking today. www.GUID.org has disappeared but there’s no registrar and loads of info about GUIDs on Google. I also noticed the UK royalty organisation sites are much better these days, and VPL finally has a site.
7Fixed some missing links and had another go at the new words in The money sponge. That’s better.
3Big text update. Lots of re-writes and updates. Most pages changed to some extent. Mac Cube USB audio issues archived to their own page because I’m recording in a different way these days. Further updates to Recording when I get time.

November 2004

28Some updates across the site, and a new Easter Egg (the old amusing glossary is long gone). A big text update is being prepared on my digital drafting system.
15Moved the music organisations onto Music biz 2 and tidied a few loose ends.
14The Music business page got so big I had to break it in two. The first page now has everything about royalties, labels and publishers. The second page has everything about rights and music organisations, and the music biz diagram. I added some new information to both pages. Tidied up the Site map to show all the recent changes.
12Many more improvements to the DIY and indie, Independents, Business and Digital distribution pages this week, including some new links.
8More link checking and additions. Updates to the Digital distibution page, and many other tweaks and additions.
6More link checking and fixing. Updates to the Independents page, and numerous other tweaks and additions including the Books page. It’s becoming clear the CD won’t happen in 2004 (my studio is still a pile of boxes and wires post-move) so I’ll probably spend the rest of the year updating the site and preparing for 2005.

October 2004

31Updates and improvements to the Digital Distribution page today, including new sites (yet more to come!) and additions on jukeboxes and radio.
30Some more link checking and tweaking. Wording improvements to the Business page and a new section on Trading status. Loads of catching up to do.
24Long overdue link checking (started) today. The excellent Heavenly Jukebox series on The Atlantic site is now subscription only, so that’s gone. Also, the Power Of Music UK industry study site has gone. Some minor tweaks elsewhere.

September 2004

Unpacking (everything except the studio and the computers). We finally moved house on 17 August.

August 2004

14Major update. Most obvious is the new look to all the pages which should be clearer. The old DIY and indie page has been split into DIY and indie (the main bit of the old page re-worked for clarity), Independents (examples of indie projects) and Digital distribution (background and examples). The non-digital distribution parts of the old Independence (CDs and merchandise) have been moved to the tail-end of Business with all the other online retail options. All the menus, links and indexes have been updated to match and there are numerous additions from the past couple of months while I’ve been between houses. Things aren’t quite settled yet and I’ve got several hundred new link updates to wade through and a load of new book recommendations, but the new page structure will make it easier and prepares the way for a whole bunch of other stuff that’s on the drawing board. If my broadband makes the move OK and I don’t drop any computers I should be back in a couple of weeks. If you spot any clangers please email me. Thanks.

May - July 2004

Not many updates because I’m moving house right now and everything takes longer than you’d expect. I’ve got a backlog, mainly links, but probably won’t catch-up until August. If anything big changes I’ll fix it.

April 2004

30A few more updates including some to the Online music distributors list.
10Re-wrote the intros to Independence and Business, and fixed a few more links (including The Manual, again).

March 2004

28Checked the contact email address today—it may have been down since I moved the site. Apologies if you didn’t get through—it’s working now.
23Finished checking the words today. Apart from grammar and spelling, the main changes are some updates to Music biz notes.
21Reviewing and spring-cleaning the words today, starting with a new section in Songwriting and general tweaking in DIY and indie, The music business and Business.
8I moved the site from FastHosts to UnitedHosting over the weekend (starting 5 March). Apologies for the disruption and a few lost hits. Everything should be back up, although a few hits still went through to the old site today. Some minor updates to text.
4Checked about 80 links in CDs and Websites, fixed a couple of duds. The site has been incredibly slow this past week. FastHosts admit problems. I’ll probably be moving to UnitedHosting very soon.
3Checked all 44 links in Business (there are now 600 external links on the site). About half a dozen broken links fixed (mainly government).
2Contents links added to the remaining Opinion articles. Checking and adding links, and revamping continues. New My links page for odds and ends.  Sitemap       twitter  updated.
1Some new links. Also, checked about half the links on the site today and culled a few dead ones.

February 2004

29Additions to the Links page and some other links.
28Additions to the Links page. Some other tweaks and additions.
22A new Opinion article How do I get signed?. Some new Links. A few other cosmetic changes and improvements.

January 2004

31Additions to Music biz DIY step by step guide. New Resources and Opinion menu pages.
25Sony/BMG merger The Major record labels, some more changes to Online music distributors and Music biz notes.
24Additions to Online music distributors and Music biz notes.
23More tidying and additions to the Links page.
18Review of the Opinion articles, mainly Music biz notes, The money sponge and The damage done. Points sharpened and expanded.
17Remaining Resource pages checked. Some typos, wording, updates and diagram tweaks. New What’s New bullet and main home page graphic.
16Complete review and update of DIY and indie and The music biz. Added some links. Added a short section to the About page. Archived What’s new for 2003 and 2002. Changed the bullets.
08Fixed a few broken links in Online music distributors.
06Added 6.5% MCPS rate (direct retail rather than wholesale) to The music biz and Business.
05Quick revamp of The money sponge.
04I’m making more small changes more often, now BBEdit lets me save updated pages direct to the site through my firewall (mostly to Music biz notes and DIY and indie). If there are any major changes (new pages, etc.) I’ll still announce them here, but the site is often updated in between.

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