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December 2003

21Reorganised the two old rambling links pages into one new one and moved the Internet links to the Web sites page. Added some new links—more to come as I check them.
4Complete review and update of Music biz notes.
3Rather than going for 2 pages I merged the new page into the existing Music business page. The whole thing is now about 100k, but it makes more sense.

November 2003

30Checked the main links and weeded out a few dead ones, reconnected some. Introduced a new Music Business page with more information about royalties and licenses. I’ll probably put all that stuff on this page eventually. A few other tweaks as always.
23New front page finally finished—Bemuso font and shadow back to the original. It would be so much easier if I was a designer... The Beatles page updated.
18Some more books and info added to The Beatles page.
16Some tweakery, mainly on The Beatles page. I moved the rooftop gig from 1970 (oops!) to 1969 and clarified the chronology layout a bit.
8Added two business sections to The Beatles page. Changed all the table borders to a more classy look. A few other tweaks.
1Some changes and additions to The Beatles page and improvements to the layout. A couple of dates corrected. A few other tweaks.

October 2003

31Windows issues resolved (thanks to all the system testers at SOS) and a few other tweaks.
29New blue menu bar and graphics. Some Windows snags with table alignment still need to be fixed, Mac looks OK.
24Updates to the Beatles page, and some technical and cosmetic changes.
11Some new sites added to Online music distributors and Independent projects on the DIY and indie page. Minor adjustments elsewhere.
5Added the MuseNote web ring on the home page (just in case I get accepted). Also made a few minor changes and expanded the CD retail breakdown in Music biz notes.

September 2003

6Changed the email addresses to avoid spam—the old addresses will still work for a while. The new email address no longer launches mail. Also made a few updates to Music biz notes and elsewhere, and removed the old Glossary.

August 2003

31Complete check of wording. Some cosmetic changes, wording tweaks and clarifications.
29Moved the major and independent label info, and online distribution links to DIY and indie. Some other cosmetics and tweaks.
25Complete check of external links. Minor tweaks and new Music, Resources and Opinion menu pages. Other mechanicals (games and ringtones) and history of copyright link added to The music business page.
23General site check. Some links and cosmetics fixed after recent changes.
22Rolled up Web sites and Search Engines into one page and moved Online payment from Web sites to Business.
17Checked all the Resources and Opinion pages. Some tidying up and rewording.
16Opinion notes renamed Music biz notes. Some other tidying up and rewording.
6The music business minor adjustments the third (big music biz) diagram.
5Opinion notes readability improved, some additions. The music business readability improved, some additions and revamped the third diagram.
4Opinion notes readability improved.
3Opinion diary and Digital dead ends retired into a new Archived opinion page. Another new page Opinion notes contains updated material from both and should be easier to maintain and read. The first two diagrams in The music business are improved, but the information is unchanged. Some re-wording tweaks and updates elsewhere.

July 2003

12Soundproof box page updated with photos.
9The music business page updated (2 typos and some clarifications) and music royalties diagram updated to show licenses better. Also added an arrow direct from MCPS to the writer to show royalties for artists who are not self-publishing.

June 2003

14Site links checked and fixed today, Other links, and the five main links tables. The RIAA site is down again (quite common) and the BPI site gets top marks for moving their pdfs. Broken link flagged at guitar.com MP3s – most likely defunct. Some new links added.
8Some additions to the section on Protecting a band name or other names, the Music business DIY page, and a few tweaks elsewhere.
4New section about MiniDisc and Real file formats added to the Recording page.
2New section and diagram added to The music business resources page Notifying royalty collection societies. New diagram added to the Recording resources page. Some new links added to the links pages.

May 2003

30Experimented with a Search words of the day page this week, but decided against it.
25Rolled-up the Computer audio and Recording pages into Recording and shuffled some content into Songwriting. Also, added a diagram and some more information.
23/25Major site drop-out due to annual renewal disaster – normal service should be returned by Monday.
17Some new links and tidying up (Bob Katz link restored Links page).
5Some new links and tidying up (KLF Manual link restored again Links page).
3Major changes under the bonnet. Everything else should be exactly the same (fingers crossed). Please let me know if you spot any problems. Thanks.

April 2003

28Review of The music business page to tidy up after recent changes. It is the best one-page description of the UK music biz anywhere.
27New page Music business DIY covers the main steps and an alternative index to the Resources. Some new links.
26A few more adjustments, mostly related to the new diagram.
25I remembered what the stray arrow (2 April) was supposed to show: licensed recording users. The new Royalties diagram is more complete.
21Just a bit of tidying up, some new links and some re-wording.
19Checked and updated all the links for Independent projects and added a few more. A few other tweaks.
17Updated WorldPay WorldDirect prices. Added some more Independent projects.
16Checked the rest of the links (yes I missed some) and herded the last few that don’t need to be in the text into the 15 main sections. It should be easier to look after next time. Added some more Independent projects and tweaked some untidy wording here and there.
13Checked the rest of the links, re-linked The Manual (the KLF site no longer has it) but lost the Bob Katz mastering pdf link. Also found the WorldPay prices have gone up so I’ll be checking that. Added some more good links and tweaked the descriptions.
10Reorganised and weeded the links pages: Links page 1 and Links page 2, also weeded Opinion diary links (BBC, Reuters and Fortune all expired). Three articles also lost: Digital music copyrights in the networked world, DRM 2002 and The Darknet paper.
2Removed a stray arrow on the Royalties diagram (from licensed user to record label, payment goes via PPL).

March 2003

30Information about session musician payments added to The music biz.
29Regular tweaks, Opinion diary (Major label royalty reform?) and added simplyred.com to Independent projects.
25A few more tweaks to Opinion articles and Links.
23General update to the Opinion articles and Links.
22Additions to the Independent projects list and some minor cosmetics.
15Links page split because it was too big. Also, I previously said MCPS royalties and record label artist royalties are paid on retail price. In fact it’s normally PPD, the published price to dealers or wholesale price. This has been corrected across the site. A few other tweaks today.
13General updates and Opinion diary (Royalty article and CD article). Site graphics now working under OS X 10.2.4 after initial 10.2 glitches. New diagram in The music business.
9Weekend updates and Opinion diary (BBC article, Copyright extension article, Apple DRM).
2More site tuning for the bots, some cosmetics and reorganised the Site map into 3 columns to allow more space for the link text. Opinion diary (Seattle Times article).
1Opinion diary (Future of Music Coalition pdf).

February 2003

26Site tuning for the bots, some cosmetics.
24Update to the Music business FAQ.
22Some wording improvements to the Resources and Opinion pages. Renamed The bloated empire article The money sponge (it’s more accurate).
20A few improvements to wording and new links in Opinion diary (NARAS, RIAA, P2P).
19Last few cosmetics, typos and a few links fixed. This was a big one!
18Tweaking the tweaks—major update completed. Books and Links now on separate pages.
16Major monthly review and update.
3Royalties Reunited link added to The music business.
1General check and tidy up. Some new links and Music business FAQ expanded to cover recent additions, and some new MP3s in Music.

January 2003

20Opinion diary (Hollings/Boucher horse-trading) and an update to Songwriting (Collaboration).
09New sections added to Business (protecting band names etc.) and Web sites (forms, hit counters, etc.) and other minor tweaks.
05Some new sections added to Songwriting.
02Opinion diary (Sony ConnecteD)
01Opinion diary (Creative Commons)

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