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December 2002

22Opinion diary (25% cut in Major label titles) and updates to Music, The music business and CDs.
21Opinion diary (Music Dish music business predictions).
15Opinion diary (Ogg links).
9Opinion diary (USA RIAA vs. RAC report) minor revamp of the Music page and a major revamp of the CDs page.
8Opinion diary (DRM, 500,000 subscribers?).
7Opinion diary (MP3.com).
2Opinion diary (acts dropped after 500,000 sales?) and updates to DIY and indie and Links (Heyday and Townsend records).

November 2002

30Opinion diary and updates to the DIY and indie page.
27Opinion diary and updates to the Complete links page.
24Review of every page this weekend—many tweaks and clarifications.
21Update throughout the Opinion article Digital dead ends.
18Update to the online payment info in Web sites.
15More info about SACD and DVD-A added to the CDs page.
13Opinion diary (4 links to The Register stories on copy-protection and TCPA/Palladium).
9Revamp and update of the CDs page including new link to Bob Katz mastering pdf.
8Revamp of the Computer audio page, goodbye to the big ugly click image table.
4More CD short-list songs (lyrics and chords) added to the Music page. Further tweaks likely to add some more and make recent changes to lyrics.
3Weekly tweaks and Opinion diary (Cody Chesnutt, CD giveaways).
1Opinion diary (Tom Petty, 3 new links and a music-on-demand update.)

October 2002

27New links: Harmony Central (recording) and Muses Muse (songwriting).
26New links: Amstore CD production, Rock and Rap Confidential articles and Vintage Synth synthesisers.
23Minor changes to The music business, mainly improved readability.
20Reshuffle. Independent projects moved from Links to DIY and indie. Beatles books moved from Books to The Beatles page (with some additions to the Chronology of Beatles tracks). Some new links and info.
17After the major revamp comes the minor tweaks. If you printed The music business, do it again! Also reworked the external links.
13Major revamp of most pages except the Opinion articles this weekend. More information and new links.
9The music business page expanded and reorganised.
8Added a Music Publishers Association (MPA) link to The music business. The MPA site has a useful Publishing code of practice.

Before October 2002

Content changesTechnical changes
28 SeptemberTidied up list of external links.Indexed by Google ! Celebrated by putting the search box back up. Minor font juggling. Mac OS X.2.1 teething problems with GIFs mean I had to use JPEGs.
23 SeptemberChronology of Beatles tracks —the recording and release dates of their singles in relation to the albums.None.
19 SeptemberFinally unearthed the exact MCPS percentage (8.5%).It’s becoming clear that Google won’t index the site in a hurry (11 weeks and counting!).
14 SeptemberNew index based on questions.Submissions to search engines completed in the past week (Submitting this site).
9 SeptemberThe Resources section on Search engines is updated, expanded and moved from Web sites to a new page: Search engines. Various cosmetic and text updates and new information (CDs, The money sponge, etc.).None.
31 AugustNone.Cosmetic and navigation tweaks advised by Paul.
27 AugustNone.Prepared for more Music pages (MP3s moved from Music to MP3). All meta tags redone. Site on Google and MusicDish last weekend but Google hasn’t indexed pages yet (?). Submitted to Open Directory Project today. Got a lot of hits via www.addresses.com so I’ll check that out.
18 AugustComplete revamp of Business including a new CD costs example.None.
16 AugustUsability tweaks, better navigation, new headers and footers, some text updates and cosmetics.None.
15 AugustNew page of complete external links.None.
13 AugustMinor revisions, new Opinion sections The damage done and Opinion diary.Minor fixes.
11 AugustSome tweaks, shuffling and new bits, mainly in Opinion and Computer audio.Fixed the linked image borders and tables after seeing the site on a PC for the first time (and Googlebot has been visiting this week).
3 AugustResources reorganised and expanded (I know, I should be recording).None.
27 JulySite email addresses changed (my old Mac address is defunct because Apple now want $100 a year!). Some cosmetics to go with the new home page.By popular request, the home page no longer hugs the left margin.
25 JulyLink to excellent Janis Ian article recommended by Moses Avalon added to Links.Demos files and folders renamed Music. Site submitted to MusicDish.
24 JulyTweaks and additions, mainly About making CDs and revamp at the end of Opinion. Just read the Howard Massey book, recommended.None.
18 JulySome cosmetic and wording changes.Some deprecated HTML fixed (I couldn’t bear to be deprecated) and headers used properly and in order.
16 JulyTidied up the home page. Reviewed all the text and made a few additions, esp. to Web sites page. Moved About the future to Opinion. Added the beginnings of About making CDs. Improved the look of the headings and Site map (now vertical rather than left to right).Reorganised the files to make uploads easier.
14 JulyAdded lyric sheets and revamped the demo page, also a new track from Rob U. Blind.None.
12 JulyUploaded demos to test MP3.None.
11 JulyAdded web links to Online payment tables.www.bemuso.co.uk and www.alienwireless.co.uk forwarded to this site.
9 JulyNew page about HTML entities. Some other text expanded slightly.Changed DOCTYPE from HTML 3.2 to HTML 4.01 Transitional.
7 JulySome text expanded slightly.Everything reorganised. This table moved to its own page. Pages optimised. Symbolic entities replaced by numeric entities for compatibility with Netscape 4 (and possibly Explorer 4).
6 JulyNone.Site registered with Google (18:00, 6 July 2002).
5 JulyAbout the future revised after reading this week’s New Scientist article “Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide”, unfortunately the article isn’t online. Some text tidied up.None.
4 JulyNone.Pre-release site uploaded.

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