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This site is my notebook—I keep all my music info and links here so it’s normally up-to-date. This page tells you roughly what’s new so you can catch up on new resources and changes. If you find any dead links or other problems please let me know. Thanks.

August 2006

24Some updates on download sites: removed defunct Karmadownload, updated references to Loudeye and OD2 showing ownership by Nokia. Added Music discovery programming to Digital distribution. And Peer-to-peer (P2P) poisoning (about Overpeer) to Digital distribution. Other minor changes.

July 2006

I don’t get time to update the music news links at the moment so I replaced the home page news link with a link to CMU (which is much better anyway). I’ll still keep links to the main stories on the Music biz news page but I won’t update it so regularly.

May 2006

Computer problems are sorted but my office is now out of action for building work. There are quite a few updates waiting, as well as the news page. I should be able to catch up in June.

April 2006

30Main computer broken. No news updates. Additions to Beatles timeline.
16Music biz news updates: Beatles download plans, Beatles album plans, DRM, Podcasting figures, AIM China deal, Jackson debt Sony deal, Mobile single release.
9Music biz news updates: Da Vinci Code copyright result, UK DVD piracy, More Apple v. Apple, DAB downloads, USA ringtone chart, Movie downloads.
2Music biz news updates: Apple v. Apple, IFPI 2005 sales, RIAA 2005 sales, Weekend warriors, Gnarls Barkley download first, Classical downloads, DRM.
1Reworked Download costs to read better and show a 79p download. Updated CD costs with some new packing suppliers (thanks to Rachel App and Bill C from the SOS forum) and how to calculate VAT from an ex-VAT price.

March 2006

25Music biz news updates: MCPS and PRS podcast license, Warner buys Ryko, Apple response to French DRM, SXSW reviews, AIM podcast license, PPL P@MRA AURA merge.
23New page on Download costs.
22New piechart for the mail order breakdown in CD costs and table to compare with the high street CD example. The high street CD piechart slices are now the right size (the numbers are unchanged).
20New What’s New index with old home page snapshots.
19Music biz news updates: James Blunt rights row, Piracy raids, French download law, The Lilys, Chart ban for The Modern, Soft rock revival, Music blogs.
17Updates to Digital distribution and Download sites, including a new Short history of download retail.
12Music biz news updates: Origami disappoints, Da Vinci Code copyright, Oz KaZaA case summary, Payola history, news and emails, HD video, Wimax.
11Site link check. Some links reconnected but goodbye to: AURA (site down for several months now), Abundant Records, Hosea, OD2’s SonicSelector, BMG’s Click2Music, IUMA (the original MP3 indie), and the excellent Music Business Journal (now concentrating on their legal site).
6Music biz news updates: BitTorrent filters, UMG blames…, Napster blames…, P2P shutdowns, Jersey CD VAT, Gov funds USA music, French P2P vote.

February 2006

26Music biz news updates: iTunes sells a billion, Tartan Podcast, £18k a week CD pirate, BitTorrent SXSW downloads, Supermarket CD sales up.
25Additions to Record labels and music publishers.
19Music biz news updates: Lion King settled, Amazon download store?, Garages ban music, UK music boom, Real Networks MS profit.
18Additions to Record labels and music publishers.
12Music biz news updates: Payola: FCC looks at radio, Napster losses, EC online licensing, France and P2P, Download-only chart, DRM.
11Photoshop Elements has finally debuted on the home page. Some other additions including my Biography and a new table in Download formats.
5Music biz news updates: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Domino Recording Co., Pandora, Smash Hits demise, RAJAR results.

January 2006

29Music biz news updates: iMesh and MusicNet, Tom Waits wins damages, Pixar and Disney, Feargal Sharkey, UMG back catalogue online.
22Music biz news updates.
14Music biz news updates.
08First Music biz news updates of 2006. Additions and edits to Recommended books.
04Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
A complete text check over the Christmas Hols with minor updates.

Before 2006

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