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This site is my notebook—I keep all my music info and links here so it’s normally up-to-date. This page tells you roughly what’s new so you can catch up on new resources and changes. If you find any dead links or other problems please let me know. Thanks.

October 2009

19Archived various out-of-date bits of the Music Biz section. The music biz links are now in the Articles section with the Brief History of Downloads.
3Updates to the Beatles timeline article to show details of the September 2009 remastered releases.

July 2009

6I haven’t made many updates this year but everything on the site (apart from some of the external article links which are a bit old) is pretty much up-to-date. The download environment hasn’t changed substantially although players have come and gone. DIY music continues to grow as we see on CMU and Drowned In Sound.

The Bemuso Forum has built a reasonable membership but apart from some useful tips (thanks Claire and Glyn) it isn’t very active. I occasionally post some news there but I may close it after the summer and archive the new material on the main site.

January 2009

25Spam has finally caught up with the old email address. Please check the new one.
14Minor edits to reflect the Sirius and XM satellite radio merger.
01Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year    (The Bemuso Forum is off to a reasonable start. If you haven’t joined yet—don’t be shy, give it a try.)

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