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This site is my notebook—I keep all my music info and links here so it’s normally up-to-date. This page tells you roughly what’s new so you can catch up on new resources and changes. If you find any dead links or other problems please let me know. Thanks.

December 2008

14The main royalty example is now Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen which shows a much wider range of uses than the previous Let It Be by The Beatles.
11Link check and update to the rest of the Music DIY and Biz sections, including the recent reduction in PRS fees to £10.
6Link check and update: DIY Getting Started, DIY and Indie, DIY Checklist, CD Costs, Download Costs, CD Release.
3Tidied and reviewed CD costs and Download costs with some new graphics for the charts using iWork. I decided not to rework all the VAT examples for 15% in case things change again.
2Some weeding of dead links across the site. Updates to the sales figures on the Labels and Publishers page. Also replaced the previous music organisation overlap graphics with a text description of the various related recording and publishing bodies. I’ll sort out some new diagrams later.

November 2008

30I have set up a forum for questions about the music biz, to pass on useful music biz resources and talk about your own music sites and experience. Everyone is welcome... students, professionals and all stops between. Over the years I’ve had a lot of email about the music biz and this is a way to share ideas in future. If you're interested register here.

September 2008

30I have made numerous minor updates through the summer but a more general rework is becoming due. The music biz machinery hasn’t changed but the online practicalities are moving swiftly onward. Also, a thorough link check is overdue and I’ll be getting down to that shortly.

May 2008

10More general updates across the site. Also checked, updated and added a few more links to the Music organisations page.

April 2008

29Some general updates across the site. Tidied up the Articles because some of them were getting out-of-date and wrote a new one (Big labels, no future) to update to The Money Sponge.

January 2008

08Updated this What’s New page and its archive, and updated the copyright statements across the site to include the new year.
01Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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